The most important what sets us apart since the establishment of the company thirteen years is a long experience in the world of Scaffolding and Formwork, as well as development and innovation, which is in line with the developments and the requirements of modern construction , and I made sure the company’s expansion and spread so we’ve created an integrated factory for the production of scaffolding , columns and concrete walls under the supervision of engineering high quality, and have the company provider for all over the country to all major corporations and individuals in the field of construction and contracting company has also exported to some Arab and African countries (Libya, Algeria, Chad).

The Company offers several free services in an effort to serve the client’s recall for Example: Engineering Design of the intensities of mineral projects and provide engineering consultancy to the overhead metal formwork. Training and supervision of the jaw and installation of metal scaffolding. The company is the maintenance of low-cost metal formwork. The company is also providing transport services at actual cost

Our Vission: Achieve innovation and leadership by providing the best services that work to promote and improve the level of the company.

Our Strategy: To be one of the most important companies in the field of metal scaffolding and formwork in the local and international market and expand its business activities and building strong relations through trust, which the company granted to the customers.

Our Goals: Dissemination of metal formwork system in all phases of construction both inside and outside the Republic as well as to improve the quality of the product and keep on providing the highest possible standards of specification at low rates.