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Big steel Panel


Masterscaff is distinguished by the manufacture and quality of Big steel panel for circular column, which it participated in the national projects, and they are as follows: LRT Project , Bridge Gesr El.Suze with Al.Qoba St, CBD in New Administrative Capital in Egypt, etc….

Bridge Table form


Master Bridge table is one of the best solutions for any box girder bridge. Bridge deck system H20 & Waler consist of panels connected together as per bridge deck shape. It is assembled in ground level and lifted as a one unit to its location.

Cuplock System


Cuplock System is a multipurpose suitable for access and support in all types of construction of building & civil engineering projects; it is fully painted/galvanized. Cuplock system is suitable for providing general access & supporting vertical loads

H20 & Waler System


H20 & Waler system is being done to complete the process of molding the structure of the columns of different heights. Steel Waler Formwork System Is A Flexible System To Meet Many Types Of Tasks .

Light Frame System


Light Frame used to give the required heights with high rigidity. Using cross brace and horizontal to stand up the scaffolding. It’s helpful to stand the material and operators with higher safety

Light Panel System


Light Panel System is an ideal panel formwork system for all sites . Either the walls and columns are changing continuously or they are always the same throughout the project it isn’t important for Light Panel System . Light Panel System suitable for any type of project very successfully

Loading Platform


Master’s loading platform stands out for it’s load capacity, Easy & safe handling, as well as the possibility to adjust the cantilever. The retractable platform allows for vertically aligned installation to reduce crane time .Manual adjustment of the platform possible by one person only

Shorbrace System


Shorebrace frame system consider one of the most economical solution for heavy civil engineering projects Duo to the high load capacity for shorebrace frame .This system consist of small number of accessories so it is easy in erection & dismantling .

self climbing-masterscaf

Self Climbing


Masterscaf Self-climbing formwork is a crane-independent climbing system. It offers efficient and cost-saving concreting solutions for high-rise buildings, bridge pylons, etc…
Up to 100kN lifting capacity and reliable embedded anchorage system ensures stable and safe automatic climbing
with integrated formwork together.

sefty net-masterscaf

Sefty Net


Total Safety Solutions has developed the Masterscaf Fan as a result of a comprehensive study of the problems
associated with the falling of objects and workers as well as risks of falling objects for the workers or members of the public. Unlike similar products on the market, the Masterscaf Fan has the unique ability to adapt to various building shapes and façade materials, as well as coping with high wind loading, particularly in high-rise and exposed structures.