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With over 20 years of experience in the field of scaffolding and formwork, we possess a magnitude
of accumulated knowledge that has aided us in achieving a large market share in Egypt. Working at
Masterscaf will allow you to gain access to this knowledge while working alongside dedicated
professionals with a shared value of ensuring maximum potential is achieved.
We develop our employee value propositions each year to make sure that our employees receive
the best of all such as, our rewards program (compensations, health benefits, retirement benefits,
vacations …etc.) is higher than any other competitive in the market and also the opportunities to
development and future career planning are at the top of our inters so we offer a very competitive
training plans for our employees.
“Employees at Masterscaf are truly valued, hence our competitive rewards program which is
unmatched by our competitors. These include, but are not limited to compensations, health
benefits, pension schemes and vacations. Moreover, employee development and future career
progression is at the top of our interests, thus we offer a sought-after training program to equip our
employees with skills that will allow them to excel in this field.”
Masterscaf prides itself on both internal and external successes. Profit is a key indicator of success,
however, Masterscaf goes beyond this to ensure that external factors are recognised and included in
everyday decisions. At Masterscaf we are proud of achieving the ISO 14001 certificate that highlights
our efforts in prioritising environmental management in our operations. Additionally, we hold the
ISO 9001 and the ISO 45001 focused on Quality Management and Health and Safety regulations.
Safeguarding these requirements allows Masterscaf to provide a safe and secure working space for
our employees, external communities, and the environment. We aim to continue achieving great
heights and look forward to welcoming new team members.

Our culture

We believe in the power of human capital, in mutual respect, because we believe that our most
great contribute in our society is to create a powerful and will Experts employees. We are
committed to ensure that our employees work in an environment that is inclusive and that everyone
is treated with dignity and respect. We are constantly working on creating a workplace that fit every
employee in our organization.
“At Masterscaf we believe that one of the greatest contributions to society is to encourage
employees to be powerful, knowledgeable, and skilled. Hence our dedication to create and maintain
an inclusive and diverse working environment. It is of utmost importance that every single
employee at Masterscaf is treated with dignity and respect.

Available Jobs

Marketing Specialist

  1. Perfect selling skills with great international exposure.
  2. Perfect command of the spoken and written French language.
  3. Perfect selling skills with great international exposure.
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